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I’m RP Rahul Kashyap in short you can call me RPRK, and I’m the author of ‘’HISTORY REPEATS’’, ‘’The RPRK Tarot Guide: Major Arcana’’ , ‘’FLOOR NO.3’’, ” A FLAT, A DIARY & RADHA” , “Edify the Trainer” and PISO Nùmero: Tres (Spanish) which is available also on Amazon.in.
Anyone who is interested to become a Trainer can read “Edify the Trainer”..
I’m an Internationally certified Soft Skill Facilitator along with that I’m the CEO & Founder of a startup called DIGITAL DRIVE (digitaldrive.co.in) which was started in the year 2019 and I write news articles for a UK based company which mainly focuses on trading, I’m a graduate in ‘’Electronics & Communication’’ Engineering , I have now left electronics and completely into communication. If you want to communicate with me then,

You can read my Books here

History Repeats: https://ift.tt/3ysWTpP

RPRK’s Tarot Guide: The Major Arcana: https://ift.tt/3bIWNjU

Floor No.3: https://ift.tt/2RsmiiV

A Flat, A Diary & Radha: https://ift.tt/340ojW9

Edify the Trainer: https://ift.tt/3f4DBzd

Piso Numero:Tres (Spanish) : https://ift.tt/3hIlm4l

You can follow me on

Instagram: https://ift.tt/3vecasI

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamrprk



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