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Kalavai Kalisaave is a beautiful capture of emotions in fun, friendship and most importantly love between the Telugu Masters students in USA.

Touch Screenz Productions proudly presents, yes proudly presents our short film Kalavai Kalisaave. Kalavai Kalisaave is a tale of four friends with a beautiful dreamy love story interwoven.

Cast: Vempati Prudhvinath, Pappala Janaki, Gudla Sai Srinivas, Pathuri Lekha, Keerthipati Divya, Om Bitla, Ved Bitla, Naresh Kurapati and Songs(yes you read it right. Songs are part of the cast. Watch it to find out.)

Produced by Touch Screenz and Friends(Kiran Konduru, Rohan Posina, Srikanth Purimetla and Vamsi Garikapati)

Cinematography by Josh Wilkinson & Prithvi Raj

Lighting and Audio by Josh Wilkinson

Background Score by Pavan

Song Composed by Prithvi Raj

Singers – Harika Narayan & Prithvi Raj

Violin by James Mahler & Pranav Swaroop

Production Design by Deepthi Dasari & Divya Keerthipati

Writing Team – Deepak Mooga, Dinesh Dasari, Nishitha Koneti, Prithvi Raj & Rohit

Screenplay by Dinesh-Rohit

Story Dialogues and Direction by Rohit

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IMDB: https://ift.tt/3ybdb6f
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Instagram: https://ift.tt/3x3bciY;
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TouchScreenzSF

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