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“Koncham Istam Koncham Kastam” is a Telugu Rom Com Web Movie featuring Nishat Shaik, Mohit Pedada & Vamsi Kotu as leads.

Cast : Nishat Shaik, Mohit Pedada, Vamsi Kotu, Suhani Mehra, Umar, Vikas Garipati, Devika, Raji, Sritha Srinivas

Written & Directed by: Sateesh Nagella

Co – Director: Ajith Reddy

Co – Writer: Chandana valli

Cinematography : R.Sai Kumar

Music : Chandhu & Chinmay

Editing: Snazzy Shiva

DI – Raj Krish

Poster Designer: Nikhil Concepts

Vfx: Pavan Kumar Konte

Sound Engineer: Vamsi Vinod Nalli (Nani)

Asst Directo: Ganesh

Camera Assistants: Sonu, Anil

Line producer: Surya T

Executive producer: Sathwik G Roy

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