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Pellainaaka a Public Opinion Video by FunPataka in Hyderabad.
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FunPataka Team:
Creator : a.r.manohar
Anchors: Kiran Macha and Manohar

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Sridevi Soda Center Prank : https://youtu.be/pUcTNcH3U-o
Chitikelu Prank : https://youtu.be/0I2KkYEuM4g
Nidaaname Pradhaanamu a Funny Telugu Prank : https://youtu.be/v9AtKUJ1Ts4
Rice Bag Prank : https://youtu.be/SPjKeBULask
Saying I LOVE YOU to PARENTS : https://youtu.be/r1gl-VaTfxo
Ek Mini Katha Prank : https://youtu.be/V_i4EZpMroQ
Prank On Wild Dog Movie Team : https://youtu.be/CCC4Lzo6irs
Epic Snake Prank : https://youtu.be/vdpswpzz9Hw

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We do comedy pranks in telugu. You can watch funny telugu pranks in our channel. Till now all our pranks were shot in Hyderabad and Vizag
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